Friday, May 3, 2013

The Wall

The Wall

The darkness came, the ashes fell,
my sanity depleted.
I looked into her brooding eyes
and knew I was defeated.

Far from grace and further from her;
that is where I fell.
With lies and hate, my heart irate,
I wished her down to hell.

Would I really, truly wish her hell?
Good God no; a heathen I am not.
But what do they say, about what counts?
Oh yes! It was the thought.

So in my mind a plan unfolded:
a way to break my fall.
With goal in mind and tools at hand,
I began to build a wall.

Regrets and mistakes, desires and dreams,
my passions and my doubts;
I built a wall to be secure
and keep that bullshit out.

I worked and labored with sweat on my back
to raise that monstrosity to the skies.
Little to know with no foreshadow,
that wall would be my demise.

At long fuckin' last and to my relief,
the wall had been completed.
I sat myself upon it's top,
thinking it all I needed.

But a day soon came where I was made to see
the fool that I had been.
A girl in white, from head to toe,
was trying to get in.

How beautiful she was, amidst the sun,
hair flowing in the wind.
What was I thinking? Love, gone for good?
I had to let her in!

And then I saw what I had foolishly done,
what I hadn't thought of before.
With malice and hate I built that wall,
but forgot to build a door.

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